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The Lace Market, Nottingham

The Lace Market, Nottingham
£ 4.00 each

Author: Geoffrey Oldfield
Size: A4
Second Edition - 2001
pp 40 -  illustrated with monochrome and colour photographs, line drawings and plans.
A survey of the rich history and fine buildings in this historic area, whose regeneration has been a universally recognised success story.
"Although it is only a few hundred yards from Nottingham's Old Market Square, the Lace Market does not attract the thousands of people who visit Nottingham every day. This is due partly to the fact that it is not a shopping area despite its title, there are no market stalls to be found, although one can buy lace products there. The term, Lace Market has only been used for this part of Nottingham for the last 150 years and reflects what was Nottingham's staple industry for almost a century."
Before then this part of Nottingham had a thousand years of history and for the first three or four hundred years of that period formed in fact almost the whole of inhabited Nottingham. For much of this period, too, it was the religious and administrative heart of the town. This book attempts to show how this important part of Nottingham's heritage has changed over the centuries and to point to its exciting future. If you have never visited the Lace Market or have not been for some years it is hoped that this book will encourage you to do so. Even if you know the area well, another visit will probably reveal something new.