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The Council House Nottingham and Old Market Square

The Council House Nottingham and Old Market Square
£ 4.00 each

Authors: John Beckett, Ken Brand
Size: A4
56pp illustrated with monochrome and colour photographs and plans
Describes how Nottingham's iconic Council House came (eventually) to be built, and offers a guide to its architectural and decorative features.
"Nottingham's Council House is a symbol of civic pride, built in the 1920s to reflect the aims, ambitions and hopes of the city fathers, and still an icon for Nottinghamians resident and exiled. It took the city seventy years from the 1850s to make up its mind to replace the early eighteenth century Exchange Building, and when finally it decided to proceed the plan was not for a town hall but a shopping arcade. After a major row in the council chamber the plans were changed and the western part of the proposed building re-designed to become the Council House we know today. By tracing the background to the Council House, the process of designing and building it, and the extent to which it has become an internationally recognised statement of Nottingham's standing in the world, this book shows for the first time how it came to be built and what it still means today."