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Nottingham's Royal Castle and Ducal Palace

Nottingham's Royal Castle and Ducal Palace
£ 3.50 each

Author: Andrew Hamilton
Size: A4
21pp illustrated with monochrome and colour photographs, line drawings, plans
"There has been a castle on this site for nearly a thousand years. As times have changed so has the Castle. Started by William the Conqueror, in 1068, it grew to become one of the most important Royal Castles in England. It was first and foremost an important fortification in the centre of England, on the River Trent, and the principal road to the North. From here the King could quickly move to conduct campaigns against both the Scots and the Welsh. As a result, 
it became a royal residence, and was lavishly maintained and embellished. It also served as an arsenal, a supply point, and a prison. The importance of the site is exemplified by the fact that it was here that both Richard III, and later Charles I, chose to raise their Standards and summon the people to arms."
Andrew Hamilton describes the royal castle (demolished after the Civil War) and the building of the Duke of Newcastle's mansion, which has stood on Castle Rock since the 17th century and which ultimately became England's first provincial Museum of Fine Art.