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Watson Fothergill Architect

Watson Fothergill Architect
£ 3.00 each

Author: Ken Brand
Size: A5
48pp - illustrated with monochrome photographs, architectural drawings and maps
He left his mark on a town which during his working life span had increased greatly in stature and in 1897 was justifiably given the prestige of being created a city by Queen Victoria in celebration of her jubilee.
There is always something to discover on most of his buildings.  Go and look, then go back and look again.  Look for deep red brick, strings of stones or “blues”, polychrome, timber framing and brick nogging.  Look for tall chimneys, towers, turrets, oriel windows and fretted barge boards.  Look for dormers, finials, castellations and balustrades.  Above all look for neat Gothic script; sometimes it is just a date, but often may be seen the proud, confident statement  “Watson Fothergill Architect”.