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A City in the Making - Drawings of Nottingham

A City in the Making - Drawings of Nottingham
£ 9.00 each

Introductory Essay by John Beckett,  Captions by Ken Brand
Size: A4
72pp Printed on glossy art paper illustrated with colour and monochrome plates
Hammond's work shows a Nottingham undergoing drastic change between the 1870s and the 1920s. First published for an exhibition in 1997, the book contains 59 high quality plates (some in colour) with a commentary that enables the reader to relate the drawings to the city of today.
"TOM HAMMOND'S drawings of Nottingham reveal a passionate engagement with the reality of his urban surroundings at a time when the majority of his artist contemporaries eschewed such subjects in favour of idyllic rural landscapes seemingly untouched by modern progress.
He recorded for posterity sites that were to change beyond all recognition, often, it would seem, at the very point that those changes were about to take place. The rapid expansion of Nottingham at the end of the nineteenth century, the clearance of slums rendered picturesque by Hammond, the development of road and transport systems and new public amenities are outlined by Professor John Beckett in his illuminating and informative introduction to this catalogue. In his descriptive notes local historian Ken Brand highlights the principal topographical features of each of Hammond's illustrated drawings."